Frequently asked questions

Please browse our section with FAQs. We always try to keep our website updated with answers to any possible questions you may have.
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Q. Are you insured?
Indeed we are insured, as are our cleaners. We have a comprehensive £1m public liability cover, which includes any accidental damage to your property caused by our cleaners.

Q. How many years have you been in this business?
Roza 93
has been in the professional cleaning business for over a decade now. Throughout the years we have had the pleasure of working with many customers who are always satisfied with our services. We  provide various cleaning services for customers living in Central London and the Greater London area.

Q. What are your working hours?
Our employees work up to seven days a week and they can be very flexible. Usually we start work at 8am on weekdays and our last appointment normally begins between 4 and 5pm. Normally we start work at 9am at weekends, and we do not charge any additional fees. We recommend that all bookings are made in advance so that you get a time and date that suits you best.

Q. How do you clean carpets?
Our first step will be to remove loose dirt such as dust, by vacuuming the carpet. The second step is to pre-treat the carpet in order to remove any stains. The next stage will be to apply shampoo to the entire carpet, which is left to work through and then extracted at high pressure with steam and heat. Normally this will take out about 90% of moisture and will remove stains caused by spills, pets and normal wear.

Q. How long will it take before my carpet is dry?
Normally after the carpet has been cleaned it will take from two to three hours to completely dry.

Q. What if your cleaners damage my carpet?
We take as many precautions as possible before any service; however accidents can occur. We are fully insured and will take responsibility for any damage that our cleaners have caused.

End of tenancy cleaning

Q. Do you charge per hour or per job?
Roza 93 does not charge hourly for End of Tenancy cleaning but rather a fixed price. We base our prices on the information given by our customers and we provide a quote for the whole job. In order to provide our customers with an accurate quote we need to get as much information as possible. For example: the number of reception rooms and bedrooms; bathrooms/WCs/shower rooms; the type of flooring, conservatories, windows, condition of the property, and if a parking space is available etc.

Q. Are there any extra charges I have to pay, e.g parking?
Sometimes you may have to pay a parking fee or a congestion zone charge, if applicable. If our team of cleaning operatives cannot park their vehicle free of charge when servicing your address, you will either have to provide a parking space or a valid temporary parking permit. If you can arrange neither of the above, then you will have to reimburse the cleaners for the parking fee they have paid in order to carry out the End of Tenancy cleaning.

If items have to be removed from cupboards, wardrobes or drawers in order to clean inside and then have to be replaced, we may add £20 or more to the bill. This depends on how many items are involved.

Q. Do you provide the cleaning materials and equipment?
Our End of Tenancy, After Builders, Carpet and Upholstery services include all materials and equipment. For one-off Spring Cleaning services or general spring cleaning services we do not provide the materials. If you would like the materials to be provided for this type of job, we can do so for an additional £10.

Q. How many cleaners will you send?
Roza 93 will normally send a team of 2 – 4 cleaners depending on the size of the property and the type of cleaning to be done. However, professional carpet or upholstery cleaning jobs can be done by a single cleaner, who is properly trained and equipped.

Q. Do I have to defrost my fridge and freezer in advance?
It would be very helpful if you could defrost your fridge, freezer or deep freeze before the team of cleaners arrives. Doing this in advance speeds up the cleaning process.

Q. Do you clean windows from the outside?
We do clean windows outside which are accessible from inside the property provided it is safe to do so. If you require upstairs windows to be cleaned, this should be arranged over the telephone.

Q. Do you need a deposit?
Roza 93 does not charge our clients advance deposits. Payment is made following completion of a cleaning job, after inspecting the premises to ensure quality. Once the cleaning service is performed and you are happy with the end result, payment can be made by cash or with a personal cheque.

Q. Do you have a cancellation fee?
We will only apply a cancellation fee if you cancel the appointment less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time or if the customer fails to provide access to our team as previously arranged.

Q. Do you clean the oven?
We most certainly clean ovens, cupboards and other appliances, inside and out, and this is included in the price of our professional End of Tenancy Cleaning.

Domestic cleaning

Q. Do I have to sign a minimum term contract?
There is no minimum term contract for using Roza 93’s services.

Most companies will require a minimum term contract to be signed regardless of the service they provide. This is not the case when using Roza 93.
You can terminate the cleaning service providing the standard 28 days advance notice is given in writing.

Q. I am moving out. Can I have the same cleaner at the new property?
We will do our best not to change your cleaner if you are moving home. However if your new home is too far from where the cleaner lives, we may have to send a new cleaner.

Please give us as much notice as you can before moving so we can arrange the same service at your new home.

Q. Do I have to pay anything when I go away for a couple of weeks?
No. You will not be required to pay any money.
We require at least 48 hours’ notice before you go away together with the date of your last visit before you go and the date of your first cleaning visit when you are back.

Q. What areas do you cover?
Roza93 covers most areas within the M25. Please give us a ring on  020 8959 0459, if your home is outside this area.

Please note that our domestic cleaning service is only available for London postcodes.

Q. Will I have the same cleaner every week?
Indeed, you will have the same cleaner looking after your home each visit. We will not replace your cleaner unless you request the change yourself.

If we have to provide holiday cover, we will contact you in advance with regard to providing a temporary replacement.

Q. Can my cleaner come when I am at work?
Yes, of course. It will be perfectly fine if you can leave a set of keys with our cleaner. You will not have to wait in for the cleaner each time she comes and you will never be late for work.

90% of our cleaners hold keys for clients’ homes. All of our employees have undertaken security training with regards to the safe keeping of keys. It is a convenient way to have your property maintained without having to wait in.

Q. Can I specify the day of the week that the cleaner comes?
Roza 93
makes every effort to satisfy and meet our clients’ requirements. Most of the time you can specify the day that work best for you. If your request cannot be met, then you will be presented with the closest alternative day.

If you cannot find the answer to your question online, please call us on 020 8959 0459.