Upholstery Cleaning

Do your upholstered sofas and chairs look tired or have unsightly stains? Are they full of animal hair? Do they have crumbs in difficult-to-reach places? Have your curtains been hanging for years, gathering dust and absorbing smells? Have you taken over someone else’s upholstered furniture or curtains and wish to clean them thoroughly?

Roza 93 has the knowledge, the equipment and the experience to renew soft furnishings at affordable prices.

We steam clean upholstery without chemicals.
We clean curtains either by the extraction method (see Carpet Cleaning) or by dry cleaning. This can usually be done without removing the curtains from the rails or window frames
Our cleaners are all fully insured and can do the work at a time that suits you, be it on a weekday or weekend.

While you are having your upholstery cleaned, we can also offer a range of other services, such as carpet cleaning, kitchen degreasing or garden maintenance. If you book more than one service at one time, we offer special prices. Be sure to inquire about multiple services discounts.

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